Monday, May 31, 2010

Travel Time

Well friends, the journey to the Philippines has officially begun. As I write this I am in the waiting area for my flight to Hong Kong, which connects to the Philippines. Traveling has been... long. Quick note to self- the time in LA really doesn't take THAT long. So don't opt for the 5 hour stay over the 3 hour. You would be a happier person if you were on a plane for that extra two hours vs sitting wishing you were asleep.

Basically I don't have that much to update right now. Please just keep praying! This summer is extremely blessed. Jesus has told me directly and through many, many others. We are so so so stoked for this trip! So I shall stay in touch and pictures of this glorious travel are soon to be posted.

This is Molly reporting from LAX at 0015 hours
Over and out.

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