Monday, March 1, 2010

I Finally Found Where I Belong

Wow. So the weekend of 2-26-10 was FANTASTIC. This past weekend was a Junior High Encounter at my church. I was a "shepherd" or in other words one of the group leaders. Basically what happened was 27 Junior high kids came to our church for a 2 day encounter with Jesus. We stayed the night at a hotel near the church and even participated in a "word fast" where they couldn't talk about anything unless it was questions about the teachings (or if it was an emergency). This was set up to they could really think about what they had heard and really listen for God's voice. It was... wow. I can't even believe the revival that happened in our kids. I honestly didn't think it was going to be possible for middle schoolers to really feel God's presence and respond to it. But they definitely surprised us! By the end of the weekend the kids were singing "Move among us, walk among us, we say holy spirit you are welcome here" with so much passion. I actually started crying the second they started singing. There was so much change in their lives. I really hope they can continue in God's word and in this new life they have started.

I think what surprised me the most was how much I changed during this weekend too! It's insane that i came to help them seek God and in the process God found me and showed himself to me in such a huge way! God brought amazing healing (physically and spiritually) this weekend. I can't wait for the actual college encounter! I think I realized though that when God wants to change things you have to be open to it. This weekend was filled with prayers of just "God use me, do whatever you want" and he totally did! I'm trying to make this my prayer every day! :D Jesus is so so so so good! And change is good. I think a lot is going to change now...but I think it's going to be for the better. I want my life to be what it was supposed to. I want to be the woman of God that I was created to be. I want to be new!

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