Monday, June 7, 2010

Babies Galore

I love babies! :D We had another little baby girl enter the world this morning. She is so so beautiful! The labor was so fast. I worked the night shift last night with little action. We helped a mom learn how to breast feed and that was pretty much it until 6 this morning. Then we had a mom come in who was 5 cm dilated. It was her 4th baby I think and she had a history of pretty fast labors. So we got her into the delivery room and just waited. She labored like a champ until about 8:45. Then we called in the dad and started to get serious. We did an IE and found out that she was now 9 cm. The midwife in charge decided to break her water to get that last cm dilated and the water bag was coming out. When she was about to break it, the mom gave a big push and we realized that the baby was pretty much IN the water bag. In all of 5 seconds the baby was literally shooting out into this world. Everyone went from "she's nine cm" to "BABY OUT!" We suctioned, dried, patted, and warmed the little baby girl while the other team worked on the mom. Then we brought baby girl to meet her mommy and daddy for the first time. The little champ went right to her main goal in this beginning of life- eating. She knew exactly what to do and went right to it. She's such a perfect little baby girl. :D
We are so excited that this summer is starting to pick up with more babies for us to bring into this world! These are the pros of this field that we're totally loving. The cons did catch up to us though. Little baby Kyle (The baby on the ventilator and chest tubes) passed away. Our prayers are definitely with the family of this sweet angel. And thank you guys for joining us in these prayers. We also have one more prayer request. The mom who gave birth to this baby had to have a c-section and the baby required a ton of medical attention. All that to say, the hospital bill came out to 130,000 pesos (roughly translated a little over $3000). The clinic can help as much as they can but this was definitely out of their budget but the family most definitely can't afford it either. So if you keep this financial situation in your prayers and even give if you can, that would be great. You can donate at the glory reborn website anytime, just designate to this cause. Thank you all so much! Love you all!
Molly Walker, 2029, Overton HQ

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