Sunday, June 13, 2010

These Hands

There's a ton of songs about giving different body parts to God. Not in a weird way. But I mean all those songs about "give me your eyes", "if we are the body, why aren't your hands reaching?", "take my lips and let them be filled with messages from thee..." I feel like my song to God has always been about my hands. "Jesus use my hands!" When I was a little bit younger (say 16 maybe) I was prayed for by Marisela. And it was this huge praying for your spiritual gifts thing and the thing that I remember the most is that my hands got so flipping hot. Even she said that when she touched my hands they were like on fire. So, obviously, I have always prayed about God using my hands. For a while I thought it was the gift of healing- and really I still totally believe that- but last night He gave me another interpretation. We were in church and I was praying about just giving Him my all and I instinctively lifted my hands. Once again they got pretty hot (Like Holy Spirit holding my hands hot) and I started asking God what He wants to do with my hands. "Jesus! Let them move for you. Let them touch and heal! Let them reach out to your people!" And then I heard Him say "Let them catch my children." Needless to say, I got this huge goofy grin on my face and was almost laughing in the middle of prayer. "Yes, Jesus. Let them catch your babies. Always."
I love how Jesus gives us our dreams. He confirms them in our prayers, in our readings, and in our friendships. Jesus has paved the way for this to be my future. Anna started the spark by telling me about how awesome birth is. I still had my reservations because I'm not too good with smells- I have a very intact gag reflex. (haha) But the seed was always there. Anna loves her job so much- and I love Anna so much and look up to her more than you would believe. So obviously this job had to be amazing, right? So I started nursing school. I figured if I didn't end up liking the birthing process then I would for sure find something else I would like. Then I wanted to come to Cebu. I mean, spending an entire summer with birthing moms? It would definitely tell me yes or no! And it all just fell into place. Jesus paved the way. And I knew. I just knew that this was it. And then He just went one step further. He's given me everything I ever wanted. I get to use my hands for His purpose. I get to bring His kiddos into this world and be the first to say a silent prayer over them. I get to be the one who holds them in their first few minutes. There's really nothing like it. I couldn't be more satisfied with what my life is going toward. I asked Him to show me His love and give me His heart. I asked Him for 4 years to use my hands. I asked Him to give me a life that could be found faithful. He gave me everything I asked for. (I'm still asking for the guy to go through life with me but ya know, sometimes you have to be patient. ;D )
All this to say, Jesus is faithful. He wants to give us what we ask for. He wants to make us more than satisfied in Him and in His plan for our lives. He loves us. He wants to show us His heart because it's beautiful. He wants to give us His plans because they're perfect. Man, this God we serve loves us so much. How insanely lucky are we?!

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