Saturday, June 5, 2010

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So the past few days have been pretty hard for our mommies. On Thursday I think we had a mom who had to be transfered to the hospital because of insufficient pushing. Her baby boy is just fine though! She delivered about 3 hours later. It was a very long labor process that included pushing for about 7 hours. Then we had a stillbirth with another mom. This was a very sad one. She was about 7 months along. When she gave birth they found out that the baby's cord was wrapped very tightly around her ankle which cut off all the blood supply. Please keep this mommy in your prayers. And then we had another mom who was transferred to the hospital because the baby had some variable decelerations. The doctor at the hospital did an emergency CS and found that the baby had a congenital lung abnormality and put the baby on a ventilator. They also ended up having to put in 2 chest tubes because of fluid in the lungs. It's not looking very promising for this baby and the mom is obviously having a hard time. Please, please keep these moms and babies in your prayers! It's so hard when things don't go right and Jesus is the only comforter in times like these.
We've definitely learned a lot in the past few days. We've seen both the ups and downs of this field. I think we're both coming to the point of accepting that not every birth is perfect and happy but that Jesus has a plan for all of them. We're definitely ready to see more of the up side soon though. We have a few moms that are close to their due date and should be getting ready to deliver soon. :D I'll keep you posted on all the happenings of this week! Love you guys!
Molly Walker, 0845, Overton HQ.

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