Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do I go back?

I was thinking today about when I go home. Time goes by so fast here. It's been over 3 weeks already! I can't believe that it's already almost half way over. So I was sitting in the car talking to David about how strange it is to go back. We talked about how we don't necessarily feel like we "belong" here (or-morelike fit in) but how going back is almost an angry experience. We were sitting at a stop light and a little boy was standing in the middle of the road. He was wearing dirty clothes and you could just tell that he lived on the street. He probly stands at that stop light everyday and begs for money to get food. We gave him a milk carton and then the light turned green. Something like this would never ever happen in America. If a 9 year old boy (which I'm guessing is about how old he was) lived on the street, Child Services would be all over it and he would most likely be off of them within a day. This kid might not every be helped. Which brought me to this fact. I don't really belong here because it's so far out of my upbringing. I don't honestly understand how things can get this bad and nobody do anything about it. My mind doesn't get it. But then after you see it you'll never not see it, you know? I can't get a lot of these mental images out of my head. I don't think I ever will. So that was my second observation for the night. How do I go back to the way America lives? How do I go about life as if my way of life is the "normal" way? I'm honestly not entirely sure. I don't ever want to be not sensitive to what I've seen. I don't ever want to see a desperate child's face and not be moved. I don't ever want to hear about poverty again and think that since it's out of sight it should also be out of mind. So how do I go back?
Another thing on my mind: I was overcome this week by the desire to live in the times that Jesus lived on earth. All week I've wanted to physically walk with my Savior and talk to Him. I got insanely jealous while reading the book of Luke of all of those people who got to hang out with Him. I want miracles to happen everywhere around me. I want a man to come up, say that his servant is dying, and by faith they be healed. I want Jesus to walk with me and to see the power that just radiates around Him. I mean, the woman who just touched His robe and got healed?! That's power. It's like in the Rock that Rolled Easter video... the little bird was healed just because Jesus walked next to her. His power was just like a bubble around Him. I want to be near that. I want the faith that moves mountains and the faith that can bring the dead back to life. I want to see His beauty and hear his sweet voice always. During this amazing time of jealousy, I felt His presence nearer than ever before. I realized that while it might not be physical, my Jesus is always walking by my side. He talks to me constantly and loves my presence. He has His hands on my shoulder and smiles when I do His deeds. He says that through my faith I can move mountains with Him. He basically says that I can have the power. And I can have the power because HE has the power and HE lives in me. I can heal because He can heal. I love that Jesus empowers His followers. Each of us has the power to do what He did because He is still very much alive and working through us. What an amazing entitlement. I love my Jesus. And I really always want to follow Him and listen to Him and walk with Him. I know I say this all the time- but what an amazing God we serve. I will rejoice and be glad in this simple fact- He loves me and is always with me. Yay.
So friends I don't have too much else to say. I've gotten to deliver two babies in the last couple days! I never knew I would like being a catcher so much. :D They were both beautiful baby girls and such good deliveries. It really is the best job I could ever think of. God designed our bodies so wonderfully. I'm suddenly really excited that I'm a woman and get to bring a baby into this world someday. :D It's such a beautiful (and slightly gross) experience. haha.
Welp. That's all I got for right now. Please keep this mission in your prayers! Hilary started up school again and is insanely busy with 34 credit hours of med school (YIKES!) and so things are always moving around here. Keep in your prayers the Kings Kids that are getting ready to come to the Philippines too! They get to the Philippines at the beginning of July and join us in Cebu on July 14. We're pretty excited for them to come but there's a TON to do before they get here. Also keep in your prayers the moms of these little babies. There has been another death since we last talked. The baby was transported to the hospital due to bad heart tones and ended up being born with a condition called gastroschisis. This is a condition where the intestines are outside the body instead of inside. She made it through one surgery but died today due to infection. The couple was pretty young and we can only image how this is effecting them. Please keep them in your prayers. I love you all so much and will keep you posted!

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