Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Catcher

Oh how I love this job. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is my career choice. Yesterday morning (early morning. Midnight to be exact) I got to catch my first baby pretty much on my own. It was a night of fun activities. I got to do an IE on her earlier and feel the baby's head, start the IV on her (she had good veins), catch the baby, cut the cord, deliver the placenta (still the weirdest thing I'll ever see), help mommy breastfeed, and help with the newborn exam (though I'll be honest. Me helping with the newborn exam was more like me playing with the little girl. I was like- let's check your muscles, and then proceeded to play patty cake with her. :D ). I don't think I'll ever forget that rush of adrenaline and joy. It is honestly the coolest thing in the world to bring a new life into it. :D
Let's see- other updates. Mel and I went to youth group last night. That was a fun experience. We were the only white people and as far as we could tell we were the oldest too. But the youth group was really fun! You can tell that their heart is sold out for God and that's honestly all that matters. The church that David and Hilary go to is awesome. And honestly, that's saying something coming from me. I'm a little picky when it comes to churches (hey- my dad's a pastor and I LOVE my church). But this church just felt like home. I really, really like it. :D And we might be going on an outreach with the youth on Monday. They're taking lunches (I think) to the kids ward of the public hospital. So it will be cool to be able to minister along side them and see what the hospital conditions are like here. Please keep this outreach in your prayers!
Other than that there's not too much to report. The Bible study that we're leading is going good. The girls are a little shy but we're getting to know them a little more and we're all getting more comfortable with each other. It's been really fun being able to center this trip on Jesus. It's not all about the nursing part and that's exactly how we wanted it.
Thank you all so so so much for sending me here. This is already life changing and I'm so happy I got to come! I love you all and will check in again soon! :D
Molly Walker, 1015, Overton HQ

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